The Pretty Canary x Luma. Present Productivity Killers for the Stay at Home Writer 

For someone like me not having to work out of an office is a godsend no punching clocks or unnecessary water cooler chit chat just complete uninterrupted workspace to write and research…Wrong sorry but No working at home is like a productivity death trap even though you are in an office you don’t have a boss checking up on you during the day to make sure you didn’t take a nap between throwing the laundry in the dryer or accidentally spent too much time taking selfies in the bathroom! Honestly it is a surprise to me as well as the corporate teams I meet and work alongside that I get anything done… and if you knew me you would ask the same thing Amanda! How Do You Stay On Task During The Day With Life’s Many Distractions? I am not going to lie it is tough that is why I try to dedicate my days to living and my nights to writing I get the most work done anyway and I don’t have to worry about the problems of the day distracting me and pulling at my concentration. Unfortunately sometimes during late night sessions/ early morning writing it can be extremely tempting to turn on the television to add some filler background noise to keep me wide awake but I know me and how I am as soon as that tv comes on it is a Hulu/ Netflix Binge Marathon and I am sucked up watching a ahi I could have watched when my writing wasn’t under a deadline.

Some days are better than others for me to pull away from social media like in the middle of the week when I don’t have any articles to put out so what do I do with my spare time I open up Magazines and put together Vision Boards it allows my mind to relax and it also keeps me occupied long enough to not check my phone or get caught up in a work email if I can visualize what I want to write when Monday Morning comes I am filled with more ideas then we have days in a month!  Understanding how to split my day up also keeps me from wasting valuable writing time getting the everyday task out of the way helps keep my mind stress free I can’t write if I can’t think! You are probably wondering how I deal with it all sometimes I wonder that as well.

Some Very Real Everyday Distractions I have to deal with Written in the 1st Person Narrative…

Wake Up to my Phone ringing… It’s my mother who is wondering why I am still in bed on my day off calling to see if she can stop by… Sure Han up with her phone rings again it is my Sorority Sister wondering if I am coming to the alumna meeting next week and if I can bring cookies sure… Hang up with her… phone rings again but it is a FaceTime call that I know is going to take up the rest of my morning so I balance my phone on the washer as I am throwing the dirty linen in the machine another reminder to include a Updated daft of my next article in your mailbox got yeah got it… Fast forward to the late afternoon because the rest of the morning is all emails and editing articles explains to my mother why I am not married yet… and I finally have a chance to sit down but can’t do that because I have to get into the car and meet up with my photographer friend to help her pick out her Wedding Dress she gets married next year!…super unhealthy lunch to go between updating Facebook, Booking my Next Flight and or buying concert tickets online I still haven’t done anything work realated until I finish running all of the day’s errands cooked dinner and cleaned up for the night. So how do I write when my day isn’t as busy “Brainstorming Pre Session” it always helps keep my writing on track no wasting time thinking about how to start a sentence or what points I want to hit in a paragraph. I also put my tablet down between paragraphs and do a little light exercise an at home sweat fest keeps the blood flowing so the ideas keep coming no Writers Block. Add some color to your writing space as well as fresh flowers because sometimes being able to bring the beautiful from the outside inside can keep you from getting cabin fever…the right colors bring out the best ideas.

Other Real Life Challenges

  • Online Shopping: I love a good sale
  • Buffering While I am unable to Upload a selfie
  • Doing Laundry for 3 houses
  • Running Errands to go pay bills
  • FB Messenger, Group Me anything with a messenger attached to it

It is not as hard to solve some of life’s productivity issues as you might think here are some of the things that have worked for me in the past

  • Find a New Writing space grab a notebook and pen and leave your normal surroundings just going outside and jotting down what you see helps me when I am feeling less than inspired
  • Clean Up Your Space: Clutter is an inspiration killer for me at least so why not clean that junk draw
  • Open a Book not on a Tablet: the library has fashion and lifestyle books you can flip through for inspiration you might find your best big story
  • Buy A Paper Planner: I wouldn’t be able to get through anything if I didn’t write it down knowing what you need to do is the first step in the right direction
  • Grab a Camera and click away you never know what you might see when you look though one screen and place another to the side
  • Invest in Noise Cancelling Headphones

Living between cities can be a bit stressful and writing with spotty internet is the fastest way to run my sanity up a wall I don’t want to be on a train or even a bus feeling inspired to write but get caught up waiting for the internet to stop buffering. Both of my desk need to be connected and fully functioning when it is time to get down to business so you are probably wondering who I am connected to  well this amazing new service called Luma transforms your home into a personalized surround Wifi system with one large streaming network… No slow connections or spotty coverage. Multiple devices no problem your internet will not slow down it is the best thing to happen to the internet since Instagram Models! Luma also secures your devices and stops any outside threats from entering your network so you stay in control. The Lumaapp is user friendly you can change settings in a flash like Granting Access to Guest on your network or keeping little ones off of dangerous sites with Patental Ratings within the app.

With all of life’s little distractions it is nice to know that waiting for your screen to load will not be one of them.


The Pretty Canary x Turo: Present Date Night

Congratulations if you are one of those people who have been dating since you hit puberty because for the rest of us articles like this one that you are about to read and many others just like this one are designed to help make this process a bit easier to bring together. I can tell you a huge amount of my anxiety comes from what I am physically going to put on my body but another pressing issue that I know a lot of us just don’t consider is what the heck you and you date are going to do once you leave your apartment and meet up… Yes you are going to eat but the dinner and the movie as like an actual activity is so over literally it is not special any more I can tell you that I have been on more  ” Friendates/ Mom/Daugther Dates” than I can to admit in this post. But regardless of you Datexpertise i got and we are here to hook you up in a big way!

So if you are a city girl like me and only use cars or car service apps for pick ups and drop off why not upgrade you game and rent a car for the evening or even the weekend with this amazing new service called Turo here is how this amazing service works you download the app and it gives you the option of renting a vehicle or listing a vehicle and if you dont want to pick the vehicle up the vehicle can be delivered to you. Amazing Right! Turo has car sharing down to a science so all you have to do is drive away in style and not have to worry about insurance or going to some god awful rental place….ewww… and if that wasnt a great enough selling point for you as someone who lives in a large city if you can get past the stigma of not being able to find parking the fact that you can meet up with the driver and exchange info so it feels more personal like borrowing a car from your best friends sisters aunt.

So you got your amaazing ride that is getting dropped off within the next few hours what is a girl to do while she waits ? Well i dont know about you but every night must be the continuation of a perfect day and what day could be more perfect than heading over to a Tribeca classic Bubbys located on Hudson st it is lowkey for everyone that is not in the mood to get elbowed in the face at Mc Donalds but cheap enough that I dont look for a hole at the bottom of my wallet after I get up to leave. If every you are in the neighborhood grab a Salmon Bagel with Cream Cheese they are my everything! So bagel in hand and coffee in the other I catch an up town train to my favorite hair salon in NYC for a touch up and a color/cut my girl always hooks me up  now believe it or not five hours have past yeah and I have less than an three hours to go find a chic but affordable date night outfit well I could head over to a retail giant and give them all of my money or I can hit up one of my favorite spots Buffalo Exchange where I can literally trade the clothes off my back for an almost new designer cast off….amen so after trying on outfits I know I am not going to buy #SorryNotSorry i have an hour and a half left to head back downtown throw my outfit on and head out on my hopefully this wont be too arkward for you as well date.

So I know you are ready for some options I have put together now that you are dressed and ready to go out so here are some not so hum drum date night ideas for you and your potential new bf….

Why not head over to the Film Forum for a  vintage movie watching experience and end your night at a speakeasy like the Blind Baker in Bklyn and enjoy some drinks and apps

or if you are feeling a bit more adventurous you can head over to MoSex and check out one of the more racy exhibits before finishing your night off at Mystery Room NYC for some unorthodox fun…

How ever you decide to spend your night make sure Turo takes you there.

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My Fall Look Book: Back To Bad Ass

My Fall Look Book: Back To Bad Ass

Crewneck shirt

Dsquared2 green pants
$810 –

LORAC eyeshadow

Eye makeup

Maybelline mascara

Chanel bags case

Hair brush

fall footwear trend: loafers

fall footwear trend: loafers

Chloé wool sweater
$1,115 –

Mark Cross white purse

Grown Alchemist face toner
$80 –

Smith Cult nail polish



Anastasia Beverly Hills face powder

Aveda hair care
$35 –

Nails Inc nail polish
$39 –

Drybar styling product

$3.98 –

Flutter sleeve dress

Abcense leather flat

Lotus flower candle
$7.55 –

{Pensacola prep}

{Pensacola prep}

Allurez sterling silver earrings
$235 –

Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses
$140 –

Patagonia mens t shirt

Perfume fragrance


2353. Love Me

2353. Love Me

Miss Selfridge top

Vince pink cardigan
$290 –

Miu Miu hand bag

DKNY wallet
$55 –

Forever 21 jewelry

Monsoon pearl hair accessory
$6.54 –

Tarte lip stain

Burberry perfume

Bobbi brown cosmetic
$14 –

Ivory chopstick

Cereal 04